internet marketing and WordPress Web Design Boston

Eileen Lonergan works with clients to incorporate all areas of the internet into their business. Eileen designs websites with the intention of getting your business listed with the search engines. As a digital marketing specialist she incorporates all areas of the internet: web design, search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, social networking, email marketingblogging and mobile websites.

The services provided come from a knowledge of advertising and communications and experience with both web based businesses and traditional brick and mortar establishments. Regardless of your storefront you need to get your message to consumers. Eileen has spent her career in advertising, specifically in media, there is nothing as powerful and cost effective as the internet.

Eileen Lonergan will get your business a terrific looking website, which will be optimized for the search engines, she can build customized Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, provide direction on your blog and guide your internet marketing.

Call 508.317.7355 or write to begin the discussion of your business and how digital marketing can be your most powerful tool.

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