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Re-Launch of Deep Dive Into Divi eCourse

Over the winter on Elegant Marketplace we launched a course: A Deep Dive Into Divi. As part of the course offering we are preparing to update you on what's new with Divi 3.0 when it occurred to us, there is so much great information in the class that is still totally relevant to the 3.0 update (we are fortunate to be in the Beta testing group so we have had time to play a bit). Good news, we don't need to do a whole new curriculum, we simply need add to the existing materials. With that in mind we decided we should reopen the sale of the course. The price is reduced ($98.50) because there won't be live webinars (but you will have access to the webinars that we previously recorded). You can still ask questions AND of course you will be included on the 3.0 webinar.

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Signs That You Should Pass on A Web Design Project

We have all said to ourselves at some point, "I regret taking this job". There are many reasons you take a job: financial, you need the work, to build your portfolio, you don't know how to say no thank you. Today I am going to write out a few things you probably already know, but will confirm your thoughts.

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How to use Corporative Storytelling For Your Website

Today we have a guest blogger, Matt Press. While at WordCamp Boston, I heard people speaking about using storytelling to design websites. I hadn't heard of this before and loved the idea. I had been planning a post on the topic when Matt reached out and said that he would write it for me. If a potential customer needs to choose between you and another brand often emotion sways the decision. We share how stories help make a sale.

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Fashion for the Web Designer

Today we explore fashion options for the web designer. If you are at all like me you spend waaaay too much time in yoga pants and stress when it comes time to meet with a client. I give you a bunch of options for a few scenarios, meeting in an office, in a coffee shop and what to wear to dress up your jeans.

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