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Summer Reading

My apologies, a few of you reached out to tell me that you weren’t able to open my email. Here’s to round 2, a redo. My round of up business + fiction that I am reading, have read or is in the Eileen queue for summer reading. I love a good book so please share your picks in the comments.

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Weekly Roundup of Web Design Resources

This is a real blog roundup post prepared for me by a service. It is impossible to keep up with all of the great content that exists, so I thought this round up may be a good idea, you pick and choose what is interesting to you. These posts will appear every few weeks. Your feedback is important to me, please let me know if you like this type of post.

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Your Small Business Hashtag Guide Broken Down By Days of the Week

I sometimes see people offer the advice, “don’t worry about followers, they will find you”. This takes me back to a philosophy I have shared with you before, “you can’t date sitting on the couch”. If you want followers you need to put yourself out there.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to increase your followers. You are creating great content and it is awesome that your mom is your biggest fan (thanks mom!), but if you are a business or blogger in order to stay in business or keep your motivation to provide interesting content on a regular basis you want to build an audience.

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Monetize Your Website / Blog

I recently published this on ElegantMarketplace, but I thought that the content was perfect for my readers, so I thank you if you read EMP, and hope you enjoy if you are a follower here.

One of my favorite things is working with clients to develop and launch their blogs. For many people a blog is a hobby in other cases people pay their mortgages with income from their blog. Or maybe you would be happy to earn enough to buy a dinner out now and again. Listen, we all need to eat and pay our phone bill, so their is no shame in wanting to monetize, so let’s explore some ways to make that happen.

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Sign Up Form Plugin

My awesome coaching client Holly called me last week to tell me that she had added a Sign-Up Sheets plugin to her website, but couldn’t figure out the next steps on using it. I was totally impressed.  I have never had anyone ask for a sign up form on their site...

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50 Things To Do When Starting a Blog

You already know that I help many people launch their blogs.  I love these types of projects, they are very empowering for the client, and I find it super rewarding to both teach and to be part of a process that gets someone to achieving their goals. Like many things,...

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