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You just may. Here’s the thing, people are ADDICTED! It is a really smart idea to be where customers or potential customers are. Pinterest allows you to be in front of people in a very social, visual way – so if you have a visual product, this could be a super fun opportunity for your business.

Just in case you need some background: Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to share images/links they find interesting or inspiring. Once shared, these images become “Pins” that can be placed on thematic “boards” (home, books, health, shopping, etc) that users can customize for any topic. Once something is pinned, it can then be “repinned” by other Pinterest users.

I always coach my clients: be the RESOURCE!!! By Pinning info you share it with your followers, the better the info, the more likely it will be Repinned, giving you digital cache.

Slim Paley | PinterestHere are some ideas on using this latest social marketing tool:

  • Create a business Pinterest account
  • Pin things related to your business
    • example: you sell FirePits – pin outdoor furniture, cool landscaping, cozy blankets, food you can eat outside, etc.
  • Add images of your new products or services (with links to your website).
  • Put your name on your photos, like my favorite uber blogger Slim Paley has recently done, this way people see the image and know you deserve all that credit!
  • Be organized (ugh, one more thing to keep neet) – but we all know people don’t have enough time to figure out how your mind works – give it to them in a logical format.
    • example of how a women’s clothing store could create boards: pants, dresses, casual, accessories, handbags, etc.
  • Make it easy for people to PinIt, use their Goodies for html codes which you can embed on your site.
  • Find people and businesses are related and follow them and share their content.

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