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Content marketing, is the phrase associated with creating and distributing relevant and valuable content on your website to attract, acquire, and engage a specific target audience – with the purpose of driving traffic to your website and converting site visitors to clients.

Every small business has quality content to share with their customers: FAQ’s, new business, new merchandise, updated services or events.  Blogging is a way to communicate with not only your customer base, but with search engines.

The search engines, (Google and Bing), love new content, it sends a signal that your website is not dormant and your site will climb the rankings.  It also gives you the opportunity to rank for a broader scope of keywords and phrases (long tail searches).  A higher ranked website is the online equivalent of moving from a quiet corridor in the mall to the main thoroughfare.

I will get your business exposure on the internet and in the minds of consumers.  Call 508.317.7355 or write to begin the discussion of your business and how online communication can be your most powerful tool.

blogging coach | eileen lonergan“Eileen has really inspired me to push myself and get my work out there. Not only does she give me advice on SEO and web content but she thoroughly explains and teaches me, in a language I can understand. Eileen has the ability to analyze the person she is working with and determine the wants and needs of her client. It also means a lot that she genuinely gets excited when good things happen to me. The only negative thing I can say is that she lives in an area that has too many snowstorms. LOL. However, that still never impacts her work.” Brian Chan TigerRulezz Photography

How to use Corporative Storytelling For Your Website

Today we have a guest blogger, Matt Press. While at WordCamp Boston, I heard people speaking about using storytelling to design websites. I hadn’t heard of this before and loved the idea. I had been planning a post on the topic when Matt reached out and said that he would write it for me. If a potential customer needs to choose between you and another brand often emotion sways the decision. We share how stories help make a sale.

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A New Platform to Improve Your Presentations

As quickly as technology is changing and web design is becoming more interesting by the second, one thing that just hasn’t changed much is the slide deck. Today on the blog I would like to introduce you to a slide creation platform that will boost your presentations to the next level.

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