email marketing

email marketing | MailChimp set upEmail Communication is an excellent way to reach your customers and share news about your business. Regardless of what you may think or have heard, reaching potential customers in their inbox is the most effective sales and marketing tool available.

By engaging in direct desktop communication you are able to showcase your business both through words and photos.

I find the success of email marketing is greatly enhanced by the addition of links back to your website, blog posts or by adding coupons to promote a special offer.  I have been working in email marketing for years and am happy to:

  • Create email templates and set up automagically triggered emails each time you publish a new blog post.
  • Write and design your email communication or newsletter.
  • Manage your list.
  • Add an email capture function to your website.
  • Provide you with detailed reporting.  The reports give you specific data points so you will know which customers opened the newsletter and which links they clicked on, this insider information lets you know which content is resonating with your consumer.

Please let me help you get your business in the minds of consumers.  Call 508.317.7355 or write to discuss your business and how online communication can be your most powerful tool.

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