Thanks to a class that I took with Expand2Web with Don Campbell on Social Media Strategy for Small Business I have learned how to embed FMBL into Facebook Pages.  Which means (drum roll please!) that I can now do some very cool stuff with Facebook pages such as: embed a Video, add links to other pages, and create pages that look just like web page. Embed a Video in FacebookNeedless to say, I am delighted with the results and send a big thank you to Don!

For the Anne Cain Golf Academy in Amelia Island Florida, I embeded videos of her golf tips into Facebook using FBML, which is Facebook’s answer to HTML.  Using some coding I was able to set the YouTube video to auto play, which means the video will play within the Facebook page.

Using FBML for Facebook Pages Eileen LonerganFor The Elizabeth Taber Library, another client, I wanted to create a page within their Facebook page to promote a new writing group specifically for women.  The library staff had created a beautiful flyer with all of the relevant information, so I simply created a jpg of the flyer and hosted it on my website, then used that url string within the FBML.

How to Embed Videos in Facebook with FBMLPerhaps my favorite Facebook page created with FBML is the welcome page for Not Your Average College Tour.  Here I used a screen shot of the homepage, used  PhotoShop to add  “click to play video”, then hosted the image on my site and added the autoplay code.

I love learning new things and I am excited by the results.  Please share your Facebook pages in the comments and let me know if you need any help tricking out your pages!

Good News Bad News:

Bad News – I just found out that FMBL is going away at the end of the year.  To the best of my knowledge the pages that have been created will still work, but best keep our eyes on this.

Good News – my friends are rolling out a super cool new application which will be way more fun and amazing than FBML!

Eileen Lonergan
I am a WordPress website designer, blogger & partner in I started this blog to keep track of helpful snippets of code and CSS that I found while building sites 400+ posts later it has become much more. Thanks for being here and reading, I appreciate it very much.

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