Editorial Calendar | WordPress Editorial Calendar | Eileen LonerganA few months ago I wrote and posted this article, Using An Editorial Calendar on the Search Engine People Blog .

Search Engine People is Canada’s largest and most trusted Internet marketing company. They have a team of over 40 seasoned experts working for over 300 clients worldwide, including many of Canada’s top brands. Their blog is an encyclopedia of information related to search: trends, new useful tools, marketing, staying organized, etc.

I have been fortunate to be a guest blogger at SEP, and have had three articles appear thus far. The post on using editorial calendars seemed to be very helpful to people, so in case you missed it I wanted to share the link for my readers.

Eileen Lonergan is a WordPress freelance web designer and internet marketing specialist. She is based on the Southeast Coast of MA and has clients across the USA, Canada and England. Please connect via email: eileen@eileenlonergan.com or 508-317-7355.

Eileen Lonergan
I am a WordPress website designer, blogger & partner in ElegantMarketplace.com. I started this blog to keep track of helpful snippets of code and CSS that I found while building sites 400+ posts later it has become much more. Thanks for being here and reading, I appreciate it very much.

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